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Attention MacOS 10.6 or prior users : BidX Pro will no longer support OS 10.6 or lower after May 2014. The tools required for supporting older OS versions are being phased out. Older versions of BidX Pro will continue to work on these models beyond that date, but any changes to that affects BidX may render it inoperable.

2.0.2 Update

  • Carry-over trips aren’t slid one day in the printout.
  • Fixed issue with calendar import when carry-in trip exists

2.0.1 Update
  • Open Time Sorting Fixed
  • Credit Hour Computation with trades fixed

2.0.0 Update
  • Import Calendar is back online.

1.9.9 Update
  • New Open Time
  • Seniority Summary fixed
  • Import calendar is DOWN

1.9.8 Update
  • Ability to see total Open Time credit is back.

1.9.7 Update
  • Added Sort “True Pay + Carry-Out”

1.9.6 Update
  • Network settings updated to help minimize (prevent) errors when downloading and accessing open time.
  • Ability to change font size (right-click menu) in Open Time window.

1.9.5 Update
  • Fares were only working on Macs. This fixes them for Windows.

1.9.4 Update
  • NEW Fare data AGAIN. You might have to download twice for it to work.
  • IND 767 added

See the FAQ page for information regarding "stuck" preferences, and other problems.

BidX Pro 2.0.2 for Mac
BidX Pro 2.0.2 for Windows
BidX Pro 2.0.1 for Mac
BidX Pro 2.0.1 for Windows
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