The latest version is 2.6.4. Below are links to download these for Mac and Windows.

2.6.4 Fixed Annoying VTO warning (when no VTO lines were bid).

2.6.3 Adds some code to protect users from bidding old style VTO numbers. Also hides the pesky Progress window so it doesn't interfere with Soft Token entry window.

2.6.2 Fixes issues with Subscription recording/restoration/etc.

2.6.1 Ready for the new Fedex Login (I hope). After the login changes, 2.6.1 will be the minimum required version.

2.5.9 ALMOST ready for new Fedex Login (was ready, then they changed things).

2.5.7 Fixes installer issues with Windows 64-bit version. Also SHOULD fix some Open Recent File issues.

2.5.6 Fixes the Carry CH. You must import a new bidpack to get the correct data.

2.5.5 adds access to the latest bidpack format (coming in April), as well as indication of top 50% block lines.
2.5.5 fixes Bid Pack Calendar problems (that prevented accessing the past months bid packs).

There are 32 and 64 bit versions. If you have trouble with the 64-bit version, delete it and install the 32-bit version.
BidX Pro 2.6.4 for Mac
BidX Pro 2.6.4 for 32 bit Mac
BidX Pro 2.6.4 for 32-bit Win
BidX Pro 2.6.4 for 64-bit Win
BidX Pro 2.6.3 for Mac
BidX Pro 2.6.3 for Mac 32-bit
BidX Pro 2.6.3 for 32-bit Windows
BidX Pro 2.6.3 for 64-bit Windows