2.8.6 - Gets rid of annoying "Debug" window. Makes Preferred Day Off filter selections more visible in Windows.

2.8.5 - 32-bit only. Gets rid of annoying "Debug" window, and resumes support for MacOS 10.11.

2.8.4 - Fixes Open Time Add. Adds Contingency Drop. Adds AFB as Make-up type. Remembers if "Retro" mode on.

2.7.9 - Adds better SIBA support. Fixes Open Time Reserve Block issue.

2.7.8 - Fixes issue with bidpack downloads in Windows. Mac users are not required to update.

2.7.7 - Adds support for SIBA lines (MEM 767).

2.7.6 - Fix Out of Bounds Exception Bug. Fares for multi-leg DHs better, but still have issues. Line totals match.

2.7.5 - Special bid codes are now visible again. Brought back the "Retro" look..

2.7.4 - Change to internal number of VTOs. Added graphical look to selected lines, and view resizing.

2.7.3 - Fixes some display errors from 2.7.2, caused by faulty compiler.

2.7.2 Added 2019 Calendars. VTOs no longer display with the rest of the lines. Bid VTO Codes using the Edit Menu.

2.6.8 Fixed some log in issues for some. Adds wrong password detection and reporting. Adds PNP Bid Line Adjustments.

2.6.4 Fixed Annoying VTO warning (when no VTO lines were bid).

There are 32 and 64 bit versions. If you have trouble with the 64-bit version, delete it and install the 32-bit version.
BidX Pro 2.8.6 for 64-bit mac
BidX Pro 2.8.6 for Windows
BidX Pro 2.8.6 for 32-bit Mac
BidX Pro 2.8.5 for 32-bit Mac
BidX Pro 2.8.4 for 64-bit Mac
BidX Pro 2.8.4 for Windows
BidX Pro 2.7.9 for 64-bit Mac
BidX Pro 2.7.9 for 32-bit Mac
BidX Pro 2.7.9 for Windows