BidX Pro and Okta Verify

For BidX Mobile Edition, go to the Web Viewer and login manually before you try doing anything (open time, etc). Once logged in, functionality should be restored.

For BidX Pro
the first thing you need to do is download BidX Pro 3.0.5 (or later, when released) here.

Once you have downloaded BidX Pro 3.0.5, install and run the application. To be very certain you are running the correct copy of BidX Pro (in case you have more than one on your machine), go to About BidX in the BidX Pro menu and make sure it shows 3.0.5 as the version number.

Either open an existing BidX file, or use the "Import from Internet" to get a new one. Once that is done, you can start using BidX. You must first login via the Web View tab, but if you forget, it should take you there to login. The tutorials page shows this in action.