BidX Pro

Q. BidX Pro is failing to launch under OS 10.7.5. It is unable to find the Coretext Framework. Now what?

A. Use this version :
BidX 2.0.7

Q. “BidX Pro can’t be opened because the identity of the Developer cannot be confirmed”. Now what?

A. Until I get my “Developer ID” code-signing fixed, follow these steps.
  1. System Preferences->Security & Privacy
  2. General Tab, Bottom half.
  3. Click on “Open Anyway”
  4. Pasted Graphic
Q. I have an older Mac. Why won’t BidX Pro work on it?

A. The development environment used has been upgraded (many times). For me to continue improving BidX Pro, I need to use it. It will only compile for OS 10.7 or greater.

Q. I’m not seeing updates, or they aren’t working right. Why?

A. Wish I knew... they work for me, so it is hard to trouble shoot. Bottom line, you should always see updates if you manually choose “Check for Updates”. If the update has an error, just go to the website to get the latest. I’ll hopefully figure it out one of these days.

Q. Accepted Fares still aren’t working, what’s up?

A. What can I say, I can’t control what they do on their end. Fares worked last week, they changed the format this week. Love the cooperation. 1.8.2 fixes this.

Q. What is VTO Builder, and how does it work?

A. It is an incomplete tool (work on it stopped, since it is impossible to come up with a valid list of choices from preferences). Basic instructions below.
  1. First of all, this should/can only be used to “visualize” your preferences. You still have to manually submit your VTO bid online.
  2. In the Open Time tab, anytime you double-click the calendar bar, the currently displayed line is added to the VTO Builder list of lines
  3. Drag trips from the list of open time to the calendar bar to add them to the calendar bar
  4. Right-click (ctrl-click) on trips in the calendar bar to delete them.
  5. Using 3 & 4 above, build a “preferred line”, double-click it. Then go back to step 3 to create a new line, or if you are done continue to step 6.
  6. Using the list of lines you have created with the VTO builder, use the VTO request form online to submit a VTO bid.
  7. Warning... the VTO process in my opinion is badly broken. I’ve heard that asking for too much can lead to getting nothing. This tool is for visualizing only, and can’t guarantee any success.

Q. My preferences keep reverting back to an older version, why?

A. I’m not sure WHY this is happening, but below are steps to fix it.
  1. Mac users : In the Finder : Go->Go To Folder. Type : ~/Library/Preferences. Find the file called com.jeshsoftllc.bidxpro.plist and delete it.
  2. Win users : Open the “regedit” program, find the “BidXPro” registry under the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” item. Delete the BidXPro registry item.
  3. After this you’ll have to re-enter your preferences when you launch BidX Pro. After re-entering the preferences, I would recommend quitting and restarting BidX Pro to make sure they are written out completely.

Q. I keep getting an “Out of Bounds Exception”. Help!

A. This was related to a failed login due to a wrong password entry. In version 1.7.5 I’ve fixed the feedback for bad password, and put code in to prevent the crash.

Q. iCal export doesn’t work now that I’ve upgraded to the “iCloud”. What now?

A. I’m not sure why this has stopped working, but I suspect it might have something to do with OS 10.8.2. Here are some steps to hopefully fix this.
  1. In BidX 1.5.3, go to Preferences, Util Tab, and hit the “Delete BidX iCal Calendar” button. Keep hitting this button until it says “No BidX Calendar Found.”
  2. In iCal, do a File->New Calendar->iCloud and name it “BidX” OR on your iOS device, create a calendar named “BidX”.
  3. Be SURE the calendar doesn’t get renamed to something else (like untitled). This is the OS 10.8.2 bug that I think exists. You MUST have a Calendar in your iCloud named “BidX” for the export to work. If it does get renamed, delete it and try again.

Q. I started my bid in BidX Pro, but I want to finish it in BidX Mobile. Can I do this?

A. Yes. For now, you can do this via Dropbox (so you must have a dropbox account). In the future, Mac users will be able to sync with the iCloud as well.

  1. Be sure you have a Drop box folder named “Apps”. Inside that folder, you must have a folder named “BidX Mobile”.
  2. Select File->Save Bid Only. You Must use the filename that is suggested in the Save Dialog and you must save it to the Dropbox/Apps/BidX Mobile/ folder.
  3. From BidX Mobile, select “Options” and then “Load From Dropbox”. Warning, it WILL destroy any bid choices you’ve selected in Mobile. Your entire bid will be replaced. If BidX Mobile finds no file, it will not kill your current bid choices.
  4. You can resume a BidX Mobile bid in Pro using the opposite procedure. “Options”, “Save to Dropbox”. Then in BidX Pro, File->Import Bid Only and select the appropriate file in your Dropbox/Apps/BidX Mobile directory.
  5. The file naming convention that must be followed is YYYYMonthnameBaseAircraft_Bid.txt. For instance, 2013MarchMEMB757_Bid.txt.
  6. Make sure you add the .txt to the filename.

Q. “Nil Object Exception Trapped”. Now What???

A. This is due to 1 of 3 things. Here they are and how to fix them.

  1. It is time to change your password. Log on via your web browser, change your password as requested and then put the new password into BidX Pro Preferences.
  2. Your E-Grid has changed. Enter the new E-Grid into BidX Pro Preferences.
  3. Your VIPS Password has changed (sort of the same as #1). Just enter the new password into BidX Pro Preferences.

Q. How do I get BidX to work with the new E-Grid???

A. Steps for using E-Grid with BidX

  1. Download BidX 2.1.5.  When you first run BidX, you will be required to enter in a BidX password.
  2. Launch BidX.
  3. If this is your first time using BidX, you'll need to enter in your BidX serial # at this point.  If you are a previous user of BidX you MIGHT be told your serial # has expired.  That may not be the case.  It could be BidX "forgot" your serial #.  Sorry about the trouble.  Re-enter your serial # (or have BidX get it via the "Get S/N" button next to the Employee ID field).
  4. Go to preferences.  Enter your VIPS password (if needed), your seat/aircraft preferences and then hit the E-Grid button to enter your E-Grid.
  5. Enter your E-Grid in the window that appears.  Then enter the serial # and change the expiration date to the expiration date indicated on your E-Grid "card".  The serial # you put in here is the same as your E-Grid serial number (not your BidX serial #).
  6. You should now be ready to use BidX with E-Grid support.  If you have any troubles, email me at

Q. What is the BidX password, and how is it different from my VIPS password?

A. Here's the deal on the BidX password.  It is meant to offer security for your E-Grid and VIPS password.  With the latest version, it will only ask for it if you want to edit your E-Grid. Your BidX password is WHATEVER you make it.  So, the first time it asks, just put whatever you want in the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" boxes.  If you want to leave both blank, then do that.  If you want to make it match your VIPS password, you can do that too. Make sure you have version 2.1.4 when working with the E-Grid!!!!