Advanced Mobile Bidding and Calendar Management

BidX Mobile Edition (BidX ME) is an evolving, full featured iOS app for FedEx pilots to manage their calendar, access the website, bid for monthly schedules, and more!

BidX ME uses the same color coding and trip display scheme found in BidX Pro, making the transition easy and intuitive.

Get BidX Mobile Edition today.

For users of BidX Mobile (The predecessor to BidX Mobile Edition), you can delete your previous version and download this. You can restore your same subscription, though you will have to re-download your bid packs and enter your preferences again.

Features Included with the App:

  • Importing of monthly calendars, with clickable access to trip info.
  • Downloading of bidpacks (for viewing of trips in calendar)
  • Features available with in-App Subscription

  • Open Time
  • Trip trades, make-up requests and trip drops
  • Bidding and Awards
  • Refresh Trip recaps