3.4.9 - CrewNav open time should hopefully not ask for a token refresh anymore (auto refreshes every 20 minutes if you are polling open time). Fixed a small anomaly with sliding/expanding vacations. Fixed a carry-in issue where the carry-in trip started after midnight in the new month (even though it is actually a previous month trip).

3.4.8 - For CrewNav Open Time (Sorry Windows folks… still haven't cracked the code on CrewNav with Windows)…. Trades pending can be viewed. Resetting of the CrewNav Token. A few bug fixes. Display of X-Pairings/Proffers/other.

3.4.0 - MULTIPLE VACATIONS at once!!! A long time coming, and still in development, you can now add more than one vacation. Automated placement still has some necessary work, but it is functional. Also, VTO builder crash is fixed and allows you to view the list of trips for each line as you would enter it in VIPS. Finally, CrewNavOT should now work on MacOS 11,12 and 13 (previously only 13). CrewNavOT will not work on Windows, and that functionality is not likely to arrive unless I can figure out some windows specific issues. BidX Mobile Edition is a good (maybe better) tool for open time access and I recommend you begin using that if you do not already.

3.3.9 - Crewmembers without CrewNav OT have had issues with the program crashing when logging in. This should fix that. The message you may see when you log in shouldn't happen anymore once your CrewNav Open Time is enabled. If you do see it after that, please let me know. Windows people don't need to update.

3.3.8 - Further improvements to ready for CrewNav Open Time. Graphical Open time displays unknown trips properly. Old School open time shows trip trade count (last number in row). "Reset Web" button in Preferences will wake up Crew Nav OT when it disconnects. This has been an issue, and one that I believe is on the FedEx side of things. Doing this reset may prevent you from having to quit and then re-login.

3.3.7 - Further improvements to ready for CrewNav Open Time. New System Bid Award window. See your percentages in each seat. Requires data to be entered into the BidX server, so results will not be available until approximately a day after they are released on pilot.fedex.com. Access System Bid Analyzer via the View. You must have a valid serial # to use this tool.

3.3.4 - Universal Binary for Mac needed. Otherwise same as 3.3.3.

3.3.3 - RLG computation fixed for buy-up,Updated Bid Months, Sort by Min # DP, DH To/From/Both added.

3.3.1 - Fixes issue with importing multiple bidpacks in the same session (getting duplicate/bad data in subsequent downloads). Fixes Trip Trade crash.

3.2.9 - Fixes serial # lookup and purchase recording.

3.2.8 - Allows for "Old School" view of open time. Adds CrewNav Open Time compatibility (Mac only). CrewNav OT not yet enabled by Fedex… you shouldn't select it in preferences yet.

3.2.7 - Fixes issue with corrupt bidpacks. Direct access (Mac) for open time, bidpacks and other functions returns with this version. You must use the web view to login first. Adds capability (Mac) for new Open Time system when it is put online by company. Windows users may lose functionality if I cannot figure out a way to enable direct access (not web view).

3.2.5 - Internal changes. Bid parser fixed to accommodate blank SIBA lines.

3.2.3 - Minor bug fixes and addition of CIC credit to headers options and sorts.

3.2.2 - Updates Fedex Bid Month Calendars

3.2.1 - Hotel Isolation takes into account Hotel Standby. Fixed Font is always Courier New. Seniority Summary works better, and there is an option in prefs to enter your seniority number.

3.2.0 - Fixes a bug in the vacation system. It was possible to first expand, then slide a vacation footprint. It is no longer possible to do so.

3.1.9 - Windows version fixed from 3.1.8. For now, any links that open new windows (e.g. Bidpack PDFs, upload expense report receipts, etc) will not load. Use your regular web browser. BidX is not intended to be a full featured web browser.

3.1.8 - (Update… Windows version pulled). Adds Hotel Isolation feature. You must first use Advanced->Import Hotel Isolation Cities. Then you can sort by min (or max) Hotel Isolation time.

3.1.7 - Fixes issue with login on Windows machines.

3.1.6 - Preferences system has been overhauled… I'm hoping this fixes the issues some have had with Preferences not being remembered. You may need to re-enter your preferences when you run this the first time.

3.1.5 - Nothing I like more than making 3 installers in one day… same as 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 except better Windows performance (windows had issues getting bidpacks with 3.1.3 and 3.1.4).

3.1.4 - ATTENTION… Same as 3.1.3, but better (a few other possible errors accounted for).

3.1.3 - ATTENTION… this version changes preferences. Your old preferences will be deleted. If you aren't having issues, you don't have to do this version yet. However, if you've been having issues with preferences, bidding, downloading bidpacks, etc., go ahead and do this update. After THIS version, I am hoping auto-update begins working properly again.

3.1.2 - Minor bug fixes…. Universal app for Macs.

3.1.1 - Company made a change that made BidX believe it wasn't logged in… fixed.

3.0.9 - Seniority Summary now works, and a few other enhancements.

3.0.8 - Modified Bid Submission to make user wait for server responses. Carry-In trip properly computes carry-in credit hours.

3.0.7 - Import Carry-In… Trip Recap in general fixed. It was swapping Local/Zulu occasionally, causing issues with display of trips.

3.0.6 - Import Carry-In works and Submit Bid (Kinda important) works.

3.0.5 - OKTA for everyone. This has not been fully tested… please report any issues. Look for frequent updates in the next week as bids come out and we see that everything is working correctly.

3.0.4 - (BETA) Mac Only. This version brings OKTA verify support to Macs. See the FAQ page for details. This has not been fully tested, use at your own risk.

3.0.1 - Mac only. This is a Universal Build (will run natively on M1 Macs and Intel Macs). This one has a successful code signature and shouldn't give an error on install. No other changes from 3.0.0.

3.0.0 - *IMPORTANT* This is 64-bit only for both Mac and Windows. If you don't have 32-bit, this won't work. I will no longer be able to support 32-bit Macs. I am not sure if I will be able to support 32-bit Windows machines going forward… it is possible I will not. UPDATE INFO : File->Web Viewer will allow you to log in manually. This will be important, as this MIGHT end up being the required login method once Okta Verify is turned on for pilot.fedex.com. Disputed pairings can be downloaded now, or enter manually (as before). 32-bit Macs are no longer supported. If you have one, you will need a different device once this version becomes required (Okta Verify activation for pilot.fedex.com).