Advanced Mobile Bidding and Calendar Management

Privacy Policy for BidX Mobile Edition

User Data

If you are using a TouchID device, you may also store your VIPS password, which is kept within a secure keychain. The password will only be transmitted after a successful TouchID identification. These are both stored on your device only, and are not kept anywhere else, nor are they transmitted to a BidX Mobile server.
BidX Mobile Edition also stores your Employee ID. It is used to identify you when communicating with the Fedex VIPS website. It is also used to associate you to a subscription.
BidX Mobile Edition uses your email address for registration purposes, as well as subscriptions. This is my only way of addressing any issues someone might have with subscriptions. I do not share your contact information with anyone, and it is only accessed when you request a subscription be restored.

Push Notifications

BidX Mobile Edition may occasionally send push notifications, if you have enabled them. These are sent to specific devices that have opted in to Push Notifications. The device ID is not associated with any person in my system, so I have no way of knowing who is receiving the push notifications.
JESHSoft, LLC will never share your user data with anyone, and will never store any information other than an employee number, password and name. These are only stored if a user registers the product and subscribes. All interaction with the Fedex website is done via secure HTTPS and no data is ever captured or redirected to the JESHSoft, LLC servers. BidX Mobile Edition is simply an application that puts a pretty picture on your website interactions with